The Dots

This is my favorite speech in the world. I watch it when I need inspiration, when I need to be reminded that all ideas or thoughts do not have to seem ‘right’ or make sense at their inception to be effective or to change the world. I watch it to have the courage to move away when something doesn’t seem quite right when all conventional logic and wisdom disagree. I watch this when I need to remember to “give time, time.” I love Steve Job’s encouragement to believe in and trust in something – a higher power, God, a greater good. Whatever it is, believe in something and trust it.

Watch now

I love how vulnerable Steve Jobs is, how flawed he might seem, how courageous he was. This speech inspires me to move forward with transformations, organizational change and design, technology implementations and building new opportunities.

If I feel something is right I try to remember to follow it without fully understanding why. If I’m told something is wrong, I try to remember to be aware of that observation. However if I think/feel I’m on the right path to move forward, I try to remember to have courage without fully understanding, without judging the process, believing that we can and will connect the dots later and perhaps create something bigger, better and more valuable than we ever dreamed of.

Most importantly, I remember that you cannot Connect the Dots looking forward, you can only Connect the Dots looking backward. I remind myself of how many times I have seen and experienced this process working, when I am shadowed by doubt, criticism or cynicism.

Next Level Architecture’s (NLA) website will evolve over time. Right now, it’s created to communicate that we, at (NLA), will help you Achieve Your Goals, whatever those goals may be. We won’t work with you to conform into our methodology, we will work with you to unlock the potential of your organizations’ strengths and capabilities while minimizing and managing the organization’s weaknesses or blind spots.

Your goals could be:

  • Transforming a business function
  • Creating efficiencies
  • Capturing new business opportunities
  • Merging companies or business units
  • Implementing technological solutions

Call NLA ‘when you need to get it done.’

Call us when you need to maximize the potential you already have through your organization’s people and capabilities.

Call us to see if there’s a fit. If there’s not, we’ll know that for whatever reason it wasn’t quite right. If it is, we’ll welcome the privilege to work with you and your organization.

It can be done. We’d like to help.